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Anita's Antiques Quelque chose d’un peu different!

Anita has come from a design, advertising and marketing background. She has always been able to create beautiful 3D objects from various materials. Initially her design interest started with jewellery, she was heavily influenced by the designs of Shaune Leane, which encompassed her making body jewellery, creating and making large wearable pieces, from tribal to ornate silver and glass bead work

This led to Anita starting a bespoke tiara business, she created all pieces by hand, each one designed to the specific requirement of the bride. Her designs were brought by a celebrity, which launched the business to great heights and into retail. The success was bitter sweet as orders came flooding in, Anita found herself having to repeat designs and this was not what she set out to do, she loved the bespoke individual commissions, so she made a choice to leave the business and pursue a career in marketing, advertising and media in London.

During the past 3 decades whilst working in London, her passion and appreciation for design, antique and vintage interior decorative objects has developed and grown. It’s a brand-new area for her, as it no longer requires her skills of making, but instead identifying other people’s skills, craft, style and design.

Over this period she has developed a deep passion for French and European design and crafted decorative objects and has spent the past 5 years searching for the inhabituelle. Her real passion remains in handcrafted folk-art objects that show workmanship of a lost time, objects that have lived and have been crafted and created for a purpose. Crafted metal ware, bronzes, brass ware, wooden sculpture and tapestry all ignite her imagination.

Anita firmly believes that antique objects can fit into any modern home, they create a talking point, a statement that allows the persons individuality to shine through.

Her journey has broadened along with her eye for finding something different, which in turn has led to her eclectic collection of interior often inhabituelle decorative objects, all of which can be viewed at The Old Bank Antiques.

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