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Old Bank Antiques That's us!

You'll find a wide variety of modern and antique jewellery items in our cabinets, to suit all budgets.

Due to our keen prices, our stock turns over on a regular basis - so make sure you check our cabinets regularly!

The vast majority of our stock is precious metal based, with little or no plated metal items on display. Some items are modern collectable whilst other pieces are antique. Jewellery items include rings, pendants, charms, necklaces and cufflinks. We also generally hold a sizeable stock of silver flatware items.

Our Stock
  • Gold Jewellery
  • Silver Jewellery
  • Royal Mint Commemorative and Collectable Coins
  • Sterling Silverware

We Buy Gold

We believe we pay the highest rates for unwanted scrap gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Please visit our scrap gold page for the up-to-date rates we're paying.

Coins and Coin Collections

If you're into coin collecting, be sure to browse our coin cabinets! Our stock can range from collectable 50 pence pieces to Royal Mint box sets and collectable milled coins. If you're seeking a specific coin for your collection, it's always worth speaking to us as it's highly likely we can source what you're looking for.

We Buy Coins

One of our specialities is within the coin world. If you have ANY coins to sell, we'll buy them! These include:

  • Sovereigns, Krugerrands and all other gold coins
  • Royal Mint collectable sets
  • Pre-decimal coins of any denomination or quantity
  • Foreign coins

Pre-decimal Coins

It's amazing just how many pre-decimal coins are still tucked away in old boxes and jam jars, long since forgotten about! If you have any pre-decimal coins, you could be sitting on a healthy sum of money! The first thing to do is to sort them into the following three groups:

  • All silver coins dated before 1920
    These coins are Sterling Silver at 92.5% purity. Good quality coins will be valued according to their condition. Heavily worn silver coins will be valued based on their weight and the prevailing silver price. This generally works out better than a dealer who values based on multiples of face value.
  • All silver coins dated between 1920 and 1946
    These coins contain 50% silver. These will be valued by weight and by the prevailing silver price.
  • Everything else
    Non-silver coins are generally valued based on their weight, unless you have something rare or collectable.

Foreign Coins

The Post Office and banks don't generally exchange foreign coins because it's not financially viable for them to do so. If one of the first things you do when returning from a foreign holiday is to throw your unused coins into a jar, you can turn these back into Sterling. How we value them depends on the quantity you have and whether they've been sorted.

  • If you have quantities of unsorted foreign coins, valuation will be based on weight.
  • If your coins are sorted according to country of origin and they're still legal tender, we'll pay based on their face value.

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