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Our Dealers A summary

You'll find a wide variety of items for sale at Old Bank Antiques. As well as our own stock, we are proud to feature antiques and collectables from a varirty of other dealers, each with their own area of speciality. To give you an idea as to what you can expect to see, please follow the links below for a brief summary of our dealers.

If you're interested in taking-up space at Old Bank Antiques, please make an enquiry, via the form below.

Old Bank Antiques
Jewellery, silverware and coins
Fulcrum Antiques
Furniture, china & small antiques
Skyline Antiques
Rene Lalique, glassware, silverware & snuff boxes
Mark Lympany
Coin Dealer
Anita's Antiques
Hand Crafted Folk Art
The Britannia Coin Company
Coins for Investors and Collectors

Dealer Enquiry

Old Bank Antiques can offer, subject to availability, two sizes of glass display cabinet for the secure display and storage of your items.

  • 500mm wide x 500mm deep
  • 600mm wide x 400mm deep (sold out)
  • 100mm wide x 400mm deep (sold out)

Our secure cabinets come with integral LED lighting to ensure your pieces are presented at their best.

Our premesis also benefits from 4k high definition CCTV surveilance for the purposes of security, crime detection, public safety and other legitimate reasons, as set out in our privacy notice.

Cabinet space will be limited, so if you're interested in selling items through us, please make your enquiry today.